Soundproofing Sealtight Putty Pads

sealtight-putty-pads-2Sealtight Putty Pads are designed to be applied to the external surfaces of metallic and nonmetallic electrical boxes. They are applied to the back surface of the box, as well as the three sides that are away from the stud, to combat sound bleed through the electrical box cutout in a wall.

Install Sealtight Putty Pads after the gypsum board is applied to one side of the wall and before it is closed in on the other side. Installing the Putty Pad after one side of the wall is covered with drywall requires some technique. The pad must be applied to the box and then either lapped over the front of the tile plate (if one is used) or excess material must be worked toward the front of the box and built up into a compressible gasket much like the pinched area of a pie crust. This gasket compresses between the front edge of the box and the gypsum board as it is installed.


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