Sound Absorbing Products

sound absorbing productsSound Isolation Company offers many reliable products for absorbing sound; Acoustical Foam, Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels, Foam for Studios and Home Theaters, Corner Bass Traps, and more. We can help you plan for the right acoustics, and make sure you get the right results.

Products that will provide measurable sound absorbing reduce the reflection of noise in a room, creating a more pleasant experience. Hard surfaces such as glass, sheetrock, wood or tile have very little ability to reduce noise energy, they just reflect the noise so it has not been absorbed at all. A church multi-purpose facility that doubles as a basketball court and the room used for family events is an example of one space where loud noise is fine during a game, but not wanted when there is a dinner taking place.

By utilizing simple effective products that actually absorb loud noise, the family event can be much more enjoyable and during the game there will be loud cheering and encouragement for the players.

Several products work well for this kind of noise reduction from Acoustical Foam sheets, to hanging baffles and even decorative fabric covered wall panels. Our role is to ask the right questions about the space to let you know how much of a particular product will be required to get a noticeable change in the room acoustics.

From our experience we can save you from experimentation, and help you avoid costly mistakes by spending more money than you need to for a particular application.

Our options for improving the acoustics of a space, no matter the size, are below.

If you can conceive it, we can produce it: custom shapes and sizes, variety of thicknesses, core ...

Noise control is typically about two things; privacy between spaces and reducing reverberation ...

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