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paf-cornerTecCornertec Bass Traps are designed to provide maximum absorption of low frequency waved in rooms with square corners. The accumulation of bass noise in corners will severely affect the sound quality in any room, this problem is easily and cost effectively fixed with Cornertec Bass Traps.

Sizes 12" x 12" Outer edges
Face 17"
Thickness 12"
Density 2lbs / cu. ft.
Flammability UL94HF-1
Colors Charcoal, Blue, Brown and Beige

CornerTec Datasheet


Room corners
Home and Office
Audio Rooms 
Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 A S/U
PAF-CT 3.60 9.70 9.50 8.25 6.80 5.15 8.60
A S/U = average sabins/unit

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