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paf-spiralTecSpiraltec Bass Traps have been developed to be used as a low frequency absorber in corners. The accumulation of low frequency energy at the intersection of walls, and ceilings can result in poor quality acoustics in your room. Simply place Spiraltec Bass Traps in a corner, or place in ceiling/wall intersections for excellent results.

Spiraltec Panels are available in 10" round x 24" or 48" tall. Colors are Beige, Brown, and Charcoal.

Sizes 10" round
Face 24" and 48"
Thickness 10"
Density 2lbs / cu. ft.
Flammability UL94HF-1
Colors Charcoal, Blue, Brown and Beige


Room corners
Home and Office
Audio Rooms 
Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 A S/U
PAF-CT 4.25 8.35 8.95 7.30 6.15 4.65 7.70
A S/U = average sabins/unit

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