Green Glue Ceilings

green-glue-ceilingYou do not have to tear your ceiling down to make it better, much better actually! Green Glue is the only noiseproofing compound designed to be used over existing walls and ceilings. While Sound Isolation Clips are the best option, Green Glue alone can provide measurable reduction in both footstep noise and airborne noise too.

green glue ceiling and noiseproofing compound

The only thing required with Green Glue is that it must be used between two layers of hard material; wood, OSB, sheetrock, etc. It is that simple; just install a new layer of sheetrock, regular old sheetrock from Home Depot, and before you screw it up, squirt two tubes of Green Glue, in a random pattern, on the face of the new layer.

Occasionally when the existing conditions are bare minimum construction; no insulation, hard floors, and 1/2" sheetrock, we suggest two new layers of sheetrock and Green Glue between both layers. The great thing about Green Glue is you can do just one layer, and then if you are not completely happy, just do another.