QuietClip Ceilings

soundproofing ceiling quiet clipFor measurable reduction in both Footstep and Airborne noise we have to make a fundamental change in the way floors and ceilings interact. The problem is that everything is screwed together; no matter how many layers there are, no matter what kind of high priced insulation is used, it is all still screwed together.

The single most effective product available to break this "screwed" connection is our QuietClips.

When you are willing to remove the old ceiling, or are starting from scratch, we have the opportunity to create a much needed mechanical separation from up to down. Using QuietClips, with a standard 7/8" hat channel, you will be able to attach new sheetrock to a floated metal channel rather than the bottom of the floor joist.

New and innovative designs, QuietClips are the perfect product for your next project. Obtain higher STC results, at a low installed cost. More

Common sense tells us this is the best possible situation; vibration from footsteps and airborne noise from above cannot travel through the structure in either direction. One or two layers of sheetrock can be installed with our clips; you do not have to add any extra clips with 2 layers, you need only use a 20 gauge channel. Drywall furring channel is locally available, if you have any questions about sourcing the channel call us, we will find it for you.

One final upgrade is possible for your soundproof ceiling; we can use Green Glue between the two layers of sheetrock. Even at one tube per 32 sqft you will get a noticeable result when sound isolation clips are combined with Green Glue.

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Things to Remember

Sealtight Putty Pads Installed FrontSealtight Putty Pads

We recommend that you use Sealtight Putty Pads for each electrical box and fan box. These putty pads to help combat sound bleed through the electrical box cutout. Can lights are not suggested but if you decide to install make sure to create and insulated boxed to house the fixture.

Electrical Outlet Extensions Outlet Extensions

When installing Sound Isolation Clips and Drywall Furring Channel you need to consider how to extend your outlet boxes. A few things you should know about using electrical outlet extensions...

Using Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant between walls and ceilings

Acoustical Sealant

Eliminate all connections and gaps as much as possible. Remember that sounds will leaks out of your room like water from a cracked vase. Perpendicular surfaces should not touch, seams should be fully sealed with Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant, double layers should be cross seamed and any openings must be designed with sound control in mind.

Where do I find Drywall Furring Channel? Drywall Furring Channel (7/8" Hat Channel)

Dietrich Metal Framing can supply you with Drywall Furring ChannelCall Dietrich Metal Framing to find a dealer near you (800) 543-7140. Ask for 25 gauge 7/8" or 1.5" hemmed edged Drywall Furring Channel. DO NOT USE 20 GAUGE CHANNEL FOR ANY REASON. A detail drawing of the required channel is on page 1 of the installation guide.

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