Studio Windows and Doors

soundproofing a home studioWith our help you can build an acoustically tight recording studio for your home or for commercial use; we are experts at the construction of walls, floors and ceilings to block noise in all directions. One of the challenges in recording studio construction is the implementation of windows and doors that can perform closely to the walls.

STC 60 walls and STC 40 doors will not work together; the result will be a STC 40 Studio. The availability of reliable and affordable soundproof windows and doors is limited; really effective products are typically very expensive and take 8-10 weeks for delivery.

This gap in the home studio soundproofing equation is one we have worked hard to fill.

Sound Isolation Company introduces Privacy Studio Windows and Doors to meet the needs of today’s studio builders. Remarkable performance is now available for Home Studios and Commercial Studios; STC values of 60+ and more are actually affordable now. Privacy Studio Windows and Doors are manufactured from specially designed 5/8” laminated glass to provide STC values not previously available. Truly remarkable seals and gaskets provide proven, effective performance, and our revolutionary design includes completely removable panels to allow for complete access through the rough opening.

Soundproofing your recording studio is a must; windows and doors remain the biggest challenge in …

Two sliding glass studio doors are mounted on each side of your door opening. Privacy Studio Doors …

Proven, Reliable STC Testing

While laminated glass is a widely known component of soundproofing windows and doors, laminated glass alone does not make a soundproof window. A combination of two different thicknesses and an air space will yield true studio quality performance. We have invested in the testing to prove this fact out; actual testing of the complete door/window is critical for your evaluation of performance. Don’t settle for a test that is for glass alone, the frames, seals an gaskets are the critical components.