Soundproofing Privacy Studio Windows

01privacystudiowindowsSoundproofing your recording studio is a must; windows and doors remain the biggest challenge in this process. Studio windows must be able to provide STC values of 60 or more to meet the performance of the walls as the performance of the studio soundproofing will be limited by the weakest link.

The availability of recording studio windows that are both effective (STC 60+) and affordable has been a challenge for the studio builder or home studio enthusiast. Many times the responsible party settles for a “homemade” studio window that provides little in the way of true low frequency soundproofing.

Sound Isolation Company introduces Privacy Studio Windows; capable of STC 60+ performance, easily installed in the field and available at prices that make any other option pale in comparison. Privacy Studio Windows include specially manufactured 5/8” laminated glass, plus proprietary seals and gaskets. Privacy Soundproof Studio Windows solve the problem of soundproofing your studio and control room. You do not have to lose visibility to meet the high STC requirements in your recording studio design.

Privacy Studio Windows

Flexible Design Options

Privacy Studio Windows are designed to be used in sets of two are available in several configurations. Both fixed models and operable models are available. We know of no other operable studio windows that perform better. Typically we specify one window with 5/8” laminate glass and the other with 1/4”; the windows are installed with an air space between, all in the same window opening. We also tested various combinations in 8”, 10.25” and 11” walls for a clear picture of the performance. Easily installed and adjustable in the field our design fits your wall construction, not the other way around.

Lab Tested Windows, Not just the Glass

While laminated glass is an industry standard for the construction of soundproof windows, publishing lab tests for complete 4 x 6 windows is not. Our Studio Windows have been tested, completely assembled in a certified acoustics lab. You can be assured that we will provide the best available solution along with expert advice for your recording studio.

Privacy Soundproof Studio Windows are Easy to Install

Specially Manufactured .625" Laminated Glass for Previously Unattainable Performance
STC 60+ Fixed and Operable Studio Windows
Lab Tested, Completely Assembled Windows

Certified Acoustical Testing

The highest quality Studio Windows are now available from Sound Isolation Company. We continue our mission of providing the very best available products for soundproofing with our complete line of studio windows and doors. Proven performance accompanied by testing from Western Acoustical Laboratory; you will be completely satisfied with your Privacy Studio Windows.

windows-transmission-chartSee complete testing results

  • Tested in 8”, 10” & 11” wall openings for a complete evaluation of performance in your studio.
  • Highest quality control standards assure that you will get the very best product as promised.
  • Factory manufactured Privacy Studio Windows at affordable prices allow you to benefit from the soundproofing design in your studio.


  • Recording Studios
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Vocal Booths
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Television Station Studios
  • Radio Station Studios
  • Commercial Windows
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Military

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