perfection-wholesale-mapSound Isolation Company has a stocking soundproofing distributor in Houston Texas. Perfection Wholesale has been a long time distributor of our noise control products. They have many soundproofing products available for same day pick up, or quick shipping to all of Texas. In the local Houston area they may be able to provide installation as well.

6742 N. Eldridge Parkway
Houston, TX 77041
(713) 937-4575

Ask for Dustin

With a long history of proven success in the noise control business, you can count on Sound Isolation Company to assist with your sound control project. Heavy on customer service, the soundproofing staff at Sound Isolation can walk you through the steps to insure an end to your noise problems.

The ability to deliver soundproofing products quickly all over Texas and the Houston area sets Sound Isolation Company apart from all other soundproofing companies.


Soundproofing products available in the Houston, Texas area:


The highest performing damping compound on the market. Use between two sheets of drywall for …

Soundproof your walls and ceilings using Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips. With many designs …

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a proven soundproofing product effective for walls, ceilings and floors. MLV …

In Luxury Residential Construction the use of multiple finished floors has long been a challenge …