The highest performing damping compound on the market. Use between two sheets of drywall for excellent performance.

alaskaWhen the owners of Angling Unlimited decide to completely remodel their fishing lodge one of the first considerations was, “How can we make this place a lot quieter?” As you might expect in a fishing lodge there were wood paneled walls, vinyl and wood covered floors, and very simple sheetrock ceilings with no insulation.

After locating Sound Isolation Company on the internet, Tom O’Haus contacted us and began to ask questions about improving the privacy between rooms and floors of the lodge. We were able to provide reliable, proven products to significantly reduce the sound transmission by adding Soundproof Barrier to the walls, using Jumpax under the vinyl floors, Privacy Ultimate Underlay under the wood floors, and floating the ceilings with SIC clips and drywall furring channel.

With shipping points on the west coast, we had no problem getting the materials required quickly to Alaska. And we are happy to report that the results have been outstanding; “When we needed help, the guys at SIC had everything we needed, in stock, and were able to get the products up to Sitka without any trouble. They communicated directly with our contractor to insure that the installation was done properly, and they followed up on every call or question the same day, every time.”

For your home, office, or even your fishing lodge in Alaska, we have the answers you need and the products that will work, to solve any noise problem