Automatic Door Bottom - Soundproofing Door KitWhen designing your soundproofing project one of the most overlooked factors is the sound leaks at the doors. While you selected the perfect solutions for the wall, floor and ceilings, we can be defeated by noise getting under the door. Acoustical door seals will improve your already completed room, and are critical in your soundproofing design.

Sound Isolation Company offers a very simple fix for your doors, easy to install on any metal or wood door, provides an acoustically tight seal, and is available for shipment today just like everything we sell.

Existing doors or new ones, we have the solution for you; call us today and we will help you with the right solution.


automatic door dottom diagram


Use a solid wood door; this is better than solid core, or exterior metal doors. Wait until the floor covering is installed before you trim the door. Make sure the door stops at sides and top are in-line, and have no gaps, warps or bends. Follow the simple installation instructions provided here to insure success.

Per 3 foot door $ 90.00


Privacy Soundproof Door Threshold

When carpet is the finished floor, or when two different floor coverings will be present at the doorway the solution is Privacy Soundproof Door Thresholds. Designed with a smooth transition over 5” the neoprene seal provides an acoustically tight fit at the intersection with floor.

Per 3 foot door $ 49.00

door threshold