sic-privacy-double-defection-thmbPrivacy Double Deflection Hanger (PDDH) can be used to mechanically isolate machinery, ducting, drywall grid, and cold rolled channel ceilings. Various load variety allows the contractor to select the correct isolator for each particular mounting point; it is important that the isolator compresses within the acceptable level to provide true vibration isolation. Top and bottom steel plates allow for uniform load distribution, isolation elements are color coded for ease of identification. PDDH has a projected collar to prevent metal to metal contact between rod and bracket.

For sizing chart refer to the datasheet above, or call 888-666-5090


  • Compatible with Threaded Rod up to 1/2″
  • Easily works with 3⁄16″ Threaded Rod
  • Embedded steel plates for uniform loading
  • Oil + water resistant element
  • High deflection, low natural frequency
  • Can be used to support metal channel, then a drywall ceiling is attached to the metal channel.