pslc-thumbnailTo maintain fire rated ceiling assembly integrity, as shown in manufacturer U.L. suspended & drywall ceiling listings, penetrations such as recessed light fixtures, speaker systems and HVAC diffusers must be protected. Typically fire rated ceiling tile material is used to field fabricate enclosures for ceiling light fixture penetrations. Hastily fabricated enclosures do not perform well, and might not meet requirements.

Privacy Safelite® Covers are an alternative solution from Sound Isolation Company to the awkward, labor intensive approach of field fabricating fire rated ceiling tile or drywall board into fixture enclosures. As detailed in many ceiling U.L. listed fire test designs, a variety of mineral wool board enclosures are shown for fixture protection. For these UL listed designs, Sound Isolation Company offers Safelite® Fire Rated Light Covers to save you time and money.

Our Privacy Safelite® Fire Rated Light Covers are fabricated from high temperature, noncombustible, rigid mineral fiber board. At 1-1/4” thick, foil faced on one side for enhanced durability, with Flame Spread and Smoke density of zero. Panels are custom cut and grooved to effortlessly fold into a standard box enclosure to accommodate specific light fixture dimensions and maintain a 1” fixture air space. Each kit is supplied with peel and stick insulation pins with washers to maintain necessary ventilation air space and secure the cover to the fixture. Pre cut end caps are provided with securing pins.

Privacy Safelite® Covers are available to accommodate a variety of light fixture sizes: 2’ x 4’and 2’ x 2’ fluorescents, recessed can or high hat style light fixtures and speaker boxes. Even custom sizes are available to meet required fire rated construction assembly ratings per UL listings and required by Building Code.

Privacy Fire Rated Light Covers Benefits

  • Soundproofing: Lighting Fixtures are basically a hole in the ceiling. Privacy Safelite® Covers eliminate the holes, and maintain the sound ratings of the ceiling. Safelite® covers are ideal for open plenum ceilings, speakers and more.
  • Lightweight: Covers are very easy to install, lightweight, and can be assembled in minutes.
  • Simple: The use of peel and stick insulation pins provides a system that stays in place. All components arrive ready to assemble.
  • Durable: The rigid board enclosure offers improved durability compared to traditional field constructed ceiling tile or mineral wool enclosures.
  • Thermal: Safelite® material has an R value of 4.2 per inch at 75° F which will contribute to reduced energy costs.
  • Easy: Covers easily slit to accommodate fixture or ceiling suspension wires and power cable saving time.
  • Green: Privacy Safelite® Covers are made from natural materials and have a recycled content of 80.6% (post –industrial).