wire-tie-hanger-2Use Privacy Wire Tie Isolation Hangers (PWTH) to suspended steel grid ceiling systems and / or gypsum board ceiling.


Privacy Wire Tie Isolation Hanger Diagram 

 Model Max Load Deflection Color
PWTH-1 65 lbs 1/5″ Red
PWTH-2 120 lbs 1/5″ Black
PWTH-3 200 lbs 1/5″ Blue&


  • Easily works with all hangar wire
  • Embedded steel plates for uniform loading.
  • Oil + water resistant element
  • High deflection, low natural frequency
  • Can be used to support metal channel, then a drywall ceiling is attached to the metal channel.


  • Nuts, washer & rods by others
  • Do not exceed maximum load by more than 5%