home-studioHome studios are the hottest challenge for really quiet solutions. What was once a six-figure consideration has now become a very doable project. You can have the home studio you have been dreaming of and we can help you keep it quiet!

Many challenges exist when creating a home studio, and most times we would like to be involved very early in the process. The creation of quiet walls, floors and ceilings can be a rather straightforward process. We have the most effective products for building floated walls and ceilings, and can provide cost vs. results comparisons that will cut through the claims by quiet sheetrock, costly insulation and multiple stud or double wall systems.

Another benefit of working with Sound Isolation Company is the experience we have with real world construction. It’s not always complicated to build a home studio, but there are many things to consider while putting it all together. Nothing is more exasperating, or costly, than finding you missed something after the project is completed. We have seen many creative solutions for HVAC, plumbing and electrical pitfalls in the hundreds of projects we completed. Our experience is offered to you at no cost.

Sound Isolation Company is focused on the construction of walls, floors and ceilings that will effectively block sound. We do not provide labor or installation services, however we can consult, make suggestions and provide the right products with installation advice to go with them. Send us your plans, drawings, pictures and more. We will get the project done!

Have questions? We have the answers you need!

media-room With Sound Isolation Company you will get the help you need: expert design, product selection and installation instruction. We have the experience you need for a partnership that will work.

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