Sound Isolation Company offers many reliable products for absorbing sound; Acoustical Foam, Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels, Foam for Studios and Home Theaters, Corner Bass Traps, and more. Reducing reflected noise in a space will greatly improve the sound quality, and reduce problems with echo. Selection of the right products for your project is a simple process with our help.

Products that will provide measurable sound absorbing reduce the reflection of noise in a room, creating a more pleasant experience. Hard surfaces such as glass, sheetrock, wood or tile have very little ability to reduce noise energy, they reflect sound waves endlessly, causing poor acoustics and echo. A church multi-purpose facility that doubles as a basketball court and the room used for family events is an example of one space where loud noise is fine during a game, but not wanted when there is a dinner taking place.

All materials absorb some sound, even glass has a very small value for absorbing sound. Acoustical products are tested in a lab to measure how much sound they absorb, this value is the Noise Reduction Classification (NRC). NRC values are used to compare acoustical products based on the sound absorbing each will provide. This is particularly helpful with budgeting; acoustical products with a very low NRC will require the purchase of far more materials than a high NRC product. Our process for acoustical improvement is below.

Evaluation and Analysis

Provided with some simple information from you we will be able to quickly evaluate the current sound quality of your room. This allows us to assign a numerical value, Reverberation Time (RT) to each room. Higher RT means the room has more echo, lower relates to less echo. The target RT for a room is based on the typical activity that takes place; an office needs a far lower RT than a basketball gym. Lowering a RT requires adding sound absorbing products to the space.

Comparison and Selection

Understanding NRC values for various acoustical treatments make the selection of a particular product, and the amount needed a very simple process. Additional determining factors include appearance, color and installation method for each product. Products are typically installed on walls or ceilings; more durable products are used in areas of high traffic or more industrial in nature.


During the selection process installation options are included. In most cases the customer can perform the installation without the need for a contractor. Our focus is on simple product with simple installation requirement to control the total cost of the project for our clients. Products are provided with installation hardware if required, for others we offer adhesives, pins, or hangers at affordable prices.

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