For measurable improvement in the sound quality and acoustics of any room. And the larger the room, the more you need a solution like this. Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels can be a very attractive and effective option.

Most rooms contain reflective surfaces such as sheetrock walls, glass windows, hard floors or even concrete and consequently the sound waves are not absorbed. This can easily be detected when there is a large and noticeable echo in the space. Even small spaces like a conference room can be very hard to hear in, sound absorbing products, including our fabric wrapped acoustic panels will help.

Acoustic wall panels have proven to be particularly effective in churches, auditoriums, school cafeterias, and of course conference rooms. And they provide the added benefit of colorful additions to what might otherwise be a bland/dull environment.

In addition to Acoustic Wall Panels we offer Sonex Acoustical Foam – these panels may be a better fit for your room.

The addition of Acoustical Wall Panels will significantly absorb noise to make the room much more comfortable. When more noise is absorbed using Acoustic Panels it is easier to understand each other, and people will not talk as loudly. We have many colors to choose from, all panels are made to fit your room, and everything comes ready to install. We can even customize the fabric to match you room décor. Ask about this option when you call. You can improve both the sound quality and the appearance of any room with our help today!



Acoustical Design

We provide free help with the evaluation and design of your acoustic panel project. You help by answering a few simple questions about the noise you hear, the size of the room and the exposed surfaces; walls, floors and ceilings. We use this information and our special software tool to quickly determine the correct amount of sound absorbing wall panels that will be need to make a significant reduction in the echo.

In larger rooms with high ceilings other sound absorbing products may be a better option. Acoustical Baffles are simple to install in the ceiling, and Sonex Acoustical Foam Panels will provide excellent sound absorbing when used on walls or ceilings.

We will help you select the right color, design and sizes to make sure the acoustical wall panels will provide the right appearance in your room. The placement and the method of installation will be discussed. We strive to keep things simple, and cost effective using the simplest installation and the correct sizing of the panels to make fabrication cost effective.

Custom Fabric Wall Panels to Fit

We don’t do “one size fits all” solutions for soundproofing wall panels. Many companies only offer only specific sizes, we make each panel the right size for your wall, providing balance and a professional look when installed. Every wall panel has hardened edges to prevent damage and provide sharp, clean seams and intersections. Every part of our wall panels is fire rated, including the fabric, and approved for use in public facilities, or your home. You get what you want, every time by purchasing from Sound Isolation Company!

Custom Construction

Acoustic wall panels can be designed to provide sound absorbing, sound reflecting or soundproofing. We manufacture special acoustic panels for schools that serve as tackable panels, or for use in a high traffic area where impact would damage standard panels. For music and church projects we combine acoustical panels that absorb noise and others that reflect noise to create the proper acoustics. When Architects and Studio Designers provide specific requirements for the function and style of the panels, we can manufacture the products to meet their specifications.


During the evaluation and selection process methods of installation will be discussed, and in most cases the customer can do the installation. All acoustical wall panels are provided with installation hardware specific to your project, along with step by step instructions. For projects that require a contractor they will have access to our technicians for all questions before and during the installation process. For more information on basic installations please refer to the link above for Installation Guide.

Have questions? We have the answers you need!

sound-questionsWith Sound Isolation Company you will get the help you need: expert design, product selection and installation instruction. We have the experience you need for a partnership that will work. Call Today: (888) 666-5090