Acoustical Baffles are the perfect solution for reducing echo in large spaces. In a room with hard walls and ceilings noise is reflected rather than absorbed causing problems with echo, and very high noise levels. Adding sound absorbing baffles to the room can significantly reduce the overall noise levels and the echo as well. When provided with simple information such as room dimensions and construction of the room surfaces we are able to quickly quantify the current acoustical performance for any room. The we use our special software tool to let you know how many baffles are needed, and help you select the right style, color and locations.



PVC Acoustical Baffles   In Stock

Colorful PVC Baffles provide excellent sound absorbing to reduce echo in any project. Encapsulated in washable PVC facing,  acoustical baffles are a fit for gyms, pools, cafeterias and auditoriums. PVC Acoustical Baffles are affordable, ready to ship and are a perfect fit for your project.

sonex-valueline-baffleSonex™ Acoustical Foam Baffles

Sonex™ Acoustical Baffles are Fiber Free and Class A Fire rated for any public building. Sonex™ Baffles are available in many colors, styles and price points to meet your budget. Sonex Valueline™ Baffles are an affordable way to reduce the echo in a church or gymnasium.

Screenshot_1Sailcloth Acoustical Baffles

Brightly colored sailcloth baffles allow you to compliment a gym, restaurant, open plan office or showroom. Sailcloth  baffles have grommets located in a reinforced flap, edges are crisp and clean. Encapsulated in  ripstop nylon, sailcloth baffles can withstand impacts from balls and other flying objects in a gymnasium project.


baffle-4QFA -10 Quilted Acoustical Baffles

For tougher environments we offer acoustical baffles with much more durable facings. QFA-10 baffles from Sound Seal are perfect for plants, industrial facilities, and even cafeterias in your office building.  Several colors and several sizes means we can find the right one for you!

clean-room-washable-bafflesClean Room Washable Baffles

Completely washable facings are available for sound absorbing baffles and wall panels. If your facility requires clean room approved baffles we have options for facings that are suitable for steam cleaning daily.  FDA approved baffles are available for food prep areas, clean room facilities and water treatment plants.

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