soundproofing ceiling quiet clipSoundproofing your ceiling with sound isolation clips is the very best solution for footstep noise and airborne noise.  Disconnecting your ceiling from the floor joist above will prevent vibration (noise) from getting through in both directions. Ceiling soundproofing that does not disconnect all the nails and screws may offer some improvement in airborne noise like voices, TV and stereo noise but it will not block footsteps from above or very low frequency noise like a Home Theater in either direction. Sound Isolation Clip Ceilings can do both, and will outperform any other soundproof ceiling option available for the money.

We offer the QuietClip ™ sound isolation clip as an affordable and profoundly effective soundproofing product for ceilings. QuietClips™ are very easy to install, works with a standard drywall furring channel that you can buy locally, and will dramatically improve the privacy in your room.  You will find below several links to additional information that will help you understand the use of sound isolation clips for your ceiling soundproofing project.


Soundproof ceilings are very effective in multi-family projects and commercial buildings where residential units are above retail space or restaurants. We have worked with Architects, Engineers and Developers to design a soundproof ceiling system, and more often to fix a soundproofing problem that exist already. We can provide free acoustical design for your soundproofing project as well. By asking you the right questions we gain a clear picture of the existing conditions that you have, then work together to design a solution that will work and just as important that you can install yourself in many cases.  We don’t have a shopping cart, we expect to talk to you about your soundproofing project to make sure you don’t buy something that will not work.

Finally, little things matter a lot. As you can see below the use of acoustical sealant at drywall intersections is critical. Be sure to read the installation guide above carefully before starting your project.

Using Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant between walls and ceilings

Acoustical Sealant

Eliminate all connections and gaps as much as possible. Remember that sounds will leaks out of your room like water from a cracked vase. Perpendicular surfaces should not touch, seams should be fully sealed with Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant, double layers should be cross seamed and any openings must be designed with sound control in mind.

Where do I find Drywall Furring Channel? Drywall Furring Channel (7/8

Dietrich Metal Framing can supply you with Drywall Furring ChannelCall Dietrich Metal Framing to find a dealer near you (800) 543-7140. Ask for 25 gauge 7/8″ or 1.5″ hemmed edged Drywall Furring Channel. DO NOT USE 20 GAUGE CHANNEL FOR ANY REASON. A detail drawing of the required channel is on page 1 of the installation guide.

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