soundproofing floor productsDifferent floors have their own unique sound transfer qualities, and  each may require a different floor underlayment to provide measurable soundproofing.  Rather than taking a minimal, one-size-fits-all approach, Sound Isolation Company offers specifically engineered soundproofing underlayments  for each type finished floor; wood,  carpet, stone and tile, or luxury vinyl. An evaluation of your floor soundproofing project is required before choosing a soundproofing underlay; our sales team will spend the time to understand your current conditions before providing you with a reliable solution, using the right floor soundproofing underlayment.

In many cases floor soundproofing include both footstep noise and airborne noise such as voices, television and entertainment systems. Mass is required to block airborne noise, the right amount of flexibility is critical for blocking footstep noise. Solving both problems with a single product has not been possible until now. Privacy Floor Underlayments combine significant weight and the proper density to soundproof you floor, all in one simple step. Find the right product for your floor type, choose the description below that fits.