At only 3/8″ thick, this product will fit for any commercial or residential floor sound-proofing project.

Privacy Performance Carpet Underlay™  (PPCU) is a one step soundproofing solution for new or existing carpet floors. Measurable soundproofing for carpet floors requires both mass and proper density. Traditional carpet pads simply don’t weigh enough to reduce noise that travels through the air. Blocking of airborne sound such as music, television, louder conversations and neighbor noise is enhanced by adding Privacy Performance Carpet Underlay™ which weighs 1 pound per square foot and will block noise in both directions up and down. Additionally PPCU has the proper density to provide a very comfortable and firm carpet underlayment that will absorb the impact of footsteps,  lowering the noise level downstairs. With a thickness of 3/8″ Privacy Performance Carpet Underlay™ is a perfect fit for all residential projects without changing the height of the carpet.


The Problem

Neighbor noise from above or below is disrupting and interfering with the peaceful use of your residence or office. possibly noise is being generated by others in your family or organization in rooms above or below. Available options to provide floor soundproofing require construction or replacement of your existing carpet to work at an unacceptable cost. You are looking for an effective and cost effective solution.

The Solution

Installation of Privacy Performance Carpet Underlay™ does not require new carpet or construction. There will be no mess or disruption of using the space for several days. Measurable reduction of airborne and footstep noise is accomplished at a much lower installed price than more difficult options.


Privacy Performance Carpet Underlay™ is simple to install during the replacement of carpet, installation of new carpet, or during construction of a new space. Available in 4 1/2′ x 20′ rolls (10 sq yds) PUCU will be shipped directly to the job along with an installation guide. Before and during the installation process our technical staff will be available for any questions


Reduction of noise levels in adjacent spaces above or below is possible without the mess or inconvenience of construction. Cost and time associated with the use of PUCU when compared to other options is very favorable, the product is in-stock and available in a few days.