soundproofing-floated-or-glued-wood-floorsOne soundproofing product that will work for every floated, glued down or nail down wood floor. Made from 93% recycled rubber, Privacy Ultimate Underlay is a Green Product. Our PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ will allow you the beauty and contemporary look of wood floors throughout your project without sacrificing sound privacy.

PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ is the perfect solution for your floated wood floor. PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ is made from recycled rubber, and has the exact physical properties to provide long lasting soundproofing under your floor.

What do I need to soundproof my floor?

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PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ is your floated floor soundproofing solution

  • High Impact Isolation (IIC) will be provided with PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™; available from 1/8″ to 1/2″ we have the right solution for any floor soundproofing project.
  • High Sound Transmission Blocking (STC) will be provided; in most wood construction projects you need a product heavy enough to also block other noise through the floor/ceiling for privacy.
  • A perfect product for renovation projects; when you are updating your home you can install wood floors where carpet was used without having to suffer from footstep noise.
  • Not a super thin piece of packaging foam, PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ is a real soundproofing underlayment. We are not in the bare minimum business, and we don’t think you should have to settle; buy the best product you can afford, and get something for your money.

Floating or Glue Down Wood Floors
PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ comes in easy to handle rolls that are 48″ wide. For floated wood floors or laminate the product is simply rolled out, the seams are taped, and you install the floated wood floor directly over our product immediately. For glue down floors our product must also be glued down; a very simple process outlined in our installation guide.

If needed for residential projects we can shorten the rolls and weight. In most cases we ship this product by truck. Delivery to residential addresses is not a problem, we can include a power lift to set the pallets on the ground and you can move the material with a furniture dolly.

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