soundproofing-floated-floor-concreteWhen you are in a hi-rise building that is constructed from concrete you will not need a heavy product to correct footstep noise. Sound Isolation Company offer PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ in 1/8″ and 1/4″ thickness for just these projects.

At 1/8″ PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ is a green, durable option when compared to other super thin foam products. PRIVACY ULTIMATE UNDERLAY™ will not fail over time, does not absorb water, promote mold growth, and when glued down it acts as a vapor barrier. When floated you simple use a poly barrier (clear plastic) and roll our product on top.


What do I need to soundproof my floor?
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Floated Floor on Wood Framing    Floated Floor on Lightweight Concrete

Floated Floor on Concrete

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Soundproofing nail down wood floors?

We have the right products and the experience you need to soundproof your traditional hardwood floor. Remarkable results are available; let us help you plan correctly.

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