privacy-tile-stone-underlayPrivacy Tile & Stone Underlay is one of the most effective and longest performing underlayment for use under tile and natural stone floor coverings. This solution is much more affordable than cork substrates and offers better resistance to mold, mildew, and rot. It has unequaled longevity, making it a truly forward thinking choice for your project.

Privacy Tile & Stone Underlay was specially designed so that the mortar locks in, creating a bonded crack prevention system for subfloor movement up to 1/4”. This bonded system will withstand repeated stress and still maintain its tenacious bond. It is a superior alternative to cork underlayments because it is mold and mildew resistant and will not rot, shrink, or absorb water. Privacy Tile & Stone offers high and credible impact sound reduction.

tile-stone-underlay-diagramEasy Installation:

Higher IIC Ratings – Unequaled Longevity: There are no special tools or adhesives required, your tile or stone is applied directly to Privacy Tile & Stone Underlay with latex modified mortar.

  • Prime Existing Subfloor
  • Peel and Stick Underlay to Subfloor
  • Roll with 50 lb Carpet Roller
  • Install Tile or Stone Flooring

Benefits of Tile & Stone Underlay:

  • Sound Reduction for both Impact and Airborne Noise.
  • Outperforms Typical Cork at a Lower Installed Cost.
  • Up to 25 times Lighter than 1/2″ Backerboard.
  • Requires No Mechanical Fasteners or Tape Needed.
  • Simple Installation with Peel & Stick Adhesive Option.
  • Cuts Easily with a Utility Knife.

Privacy Tile/Stone Underlayment can be used over any sub-floor to create measurable footstep noise reduction. By creating a resilient layer directly below hard floor materials, the actual vibration from footsteps is captured at the source.

Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay has been treated to prevent mold and mildew and will not absorb water, preventing rot and shrinkage. With a peel and stick adhesive already in place, the product installs up to 4 times faster than traditional concrete board, and provides a bonded crack prevention system.


Type: 1/8″ T/S Underlay 1/4″ T/S Underlay 1/2″ T/S Underlay
Thickness: 3mm 5mm 12mm
Peel & Stick Yes Yes No
Roll Size: 4′ x 100′ (400 sqft) 4′ x 75′ (300 sqft) 4′ x 30′ (120 sqft)
Roll Weight: 21.3 lbs 25.4 lbs 25 lbs
TCA Robinson Test Light Commercial Light Commercial Residential
∆ IIC 16 20 23

Privacy Tile & Stone Underlay is one of the most effective and longest performing underlayment …

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