Effectively decouple your walls and eliminate those low frequency noises by using Sound Isolation Clips and channels.

sound-isolation-clipsThe Kinetics ISOMax Sound Isolation Clip is one of the most economical solution available for high STC walls, floors and ceilings. When your project calls for maximum soundproofing results, you need trusted, tested, UL-approved sound isolation products.

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Using Kinetics ISOMax Sound Isolation Clips requires no special tools or fasteners. They are compatible with standard drywall products of any thickness. The drywall can be cut with standard drywall tools and the clips can be used with either 7/8″ or 1 1/2″ drywall furring channels. When you compare the field results, there is no better solution than our Kinetics ISOMax Sound Isolation Clips.


How Kinetics ISOMax Sound Isolation Clips Work

Kinetics ISOMax Sound Isolation Clips are used to eliminate the hard connection of the wall substrate to the actual structural members (studs, joists and trusses). Because of their unique design and the use of furring channels, the Kinetics Clip System actually supports the drywall, effectively floating and decoupling the assembly.

Noise creates energy waves that can actually vibrate through a partition; the lower the frequency the harder the waves are to stop. Floating/decoupling a wall or ceiling is the only way to effectively reduce the low frequency noise. Using our clips system in combination with acoustical caulks will help you do that.

IsoMAX Installation Diagram

Design Benefits

  • Kinetics Isomax Clips require two fasteners, very stable installation.
  • Unique Rubber Element Surround Hat Channel
  • Kinetics Isomax Clips Require Locally Available Hat Channel
  • UL Listed For Floors And Ceilings, Made In The USA

Things to Remember

Sealtight Putty Pads Installed FrontSealtight Putty Pads

We recommend that you use Sealtight Putty Pads for each electrical box and fan box. These putty pads to help combat sound bleed through the electrical box cutout. Can lights are not suggested but if you decide to install make sure to create and insulated boxed to house the fixture.

Electrical Outlet Extensions Outlet Extensions

When installing Sound Isolation Clips and Drywall Furring Channel you need to consider how to extend your outlet boxes. A few things you should know about using electrical outlet extensions

Using Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant between walls and ceilingsAcoustical Sealant

Eliminate all connections and gaps as much as possible. Remember that sounds will leaks out of your room like water from a cracked vase. Perpendicular surfaces should not touch, seams should be fully sealed with Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant, double layers should be cross seamed and any openings must be designed with sound control in mind.

Where do I find Drywall Furring Channel? Drywall Furring Channel (7/8

Dietrich Metal Framing can supply you with Drywall Furring ChannelCall Dietrich Metal Framing to find a dealer near you (800) 543-7140. Ask for 25 gauge 7/8″ or 1.5″ hemmed edged Drywall Furring Channel. DO NOT USE 20 GAUGE CHANNEL FOR ANY REASON. A detail drawing of the required channel is on page 1 of the installation guide.