Certified by UL for 1-hour PartitionsMass Loaded Vinyl is a proven soundproofing product effective for walls, ceilings and floors. MLV is the standard for soundproofing walls and the choice among many studio builders, architects, contractors, and recording studio designers. And when combined with drywall, together they provide a very measurable improvement in noise control. Mass loaded vinyl is available in 100 square foot rolls, different thicknesses and weights.

Why Buy from Us? Our MLV has one very significant advantage over all the others in the market. Our product has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in Fire Rated partitions. To be sure what you buy will meet the fire requirements on your project, ask your supplier the question; can they prove it? We can. Click here to read our mass loaded vinyl flame test.



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Mass Loaded Vinyl Stops Noise

Changing thicknesses and density, creating one large airspace, and decoupling surface from adjacent rigid surfaces are the three key elements when soundproofing a wall with MLV.

Because Mass Loaded Vinyl is thin in relation to drywall, is softer than drywall, and when installed is still flexible, it blocks noise in a completely different manner that drywall or plywood for that matter. When vibration (noise) tries to blast through a wall and all the materials are the same, it can easily transmit to the other side. But when vibration travels through drywall, then hits a flexible, thin material, it has to work much harder to get through; this added “work” uses up the vibration energy and thus absorbs the noise before it can get to the other side.

Changing thickness and density will block significantly more noise than adding more of the same. That is why MLV and drywall will outperform layers of drywall only.

Mass loaded vinyl has several key benefits to improve the acoustic soundproofing of any wall; using 1 lb. MLV there will be no change to window or door openings; with a different density and thickness than drywall, mlv helps to create a torturous path for vibration (noise); and when combined with standard fiberglass insulation and one layer of drywall you can immediately add 10+ STC points to your soundproof wall.