soundproofing a home studioA complete acoustical design for your studio requires that the doors and windows provide the same STC performance of the walls. Your efforts to create a true soundproofing system will easily be defeated by the weakest link, usually the doors and windows. We offer completely custom Studio Windows and Studio Doors to fit your opening, provide the acoustical performance your project requires, and provide you with simple installation guides to make the project easy.

Laminated glass is just the start of a High STC door or window. We have engineered the entire window or door unit to insure that the actual performance will be as expected.  All of our products have been lab tested as complete units, including the frame and gaskets, mounted in an opening exactly as you would install it. Additionally we have lab tested our operable windows to clearly show any loss in performance you will experience. We manufacture all of our products with a variety of glass thicknesses and have them tested in various configurations.

We are here to help with the acoustical design for your entire Studio including walls, ceilings and floors. We work with nationally prominent studio designers to help with acoustical packages and room tuning.Take the time to contact us before you start the project, we will explain the process of engaging Sound Isolation Company as a consultant and a provider of remarkable products.

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Proven, Reliable STC Testing

While laminated glass is a widely known component of soundproofing windows and doors, laminated glass alone does not make a soundproof window. A combination of two different thicknesses and an air space will yield true studio quality performance. We have invested in the testing to prove this fact out; actual testing of the complete door/window is critical for your evaluation of performance. Don’t settle for a test that is for glass alone, the frames, seals an gaskets are the critical components.