privacy-soundproof-recording-studio-doorsOur minimum standards for studio soundproofing far exceed the goals for commercial or residential projects. In this regard, for studios,  the entire soundproofing system is dependent on the weakest link. Studio doors must perform to the same STC values of the walls and the ceiling for your project to be a success. Without careful consideration of all the paths for sound to escape you may be spending money on portions of the system that will be limited by the weakest links.


Studio Sliding Glass Doors with High STC Values and Design Flexibility.

Privacy Studio Sliding Glass Doors have been tested, in a certified lab with the frames installed as well, to provide STC values in the 60’s. The design of the glass panels, frames, seals and gaskets all contribute to the remarkable soundproofing performance that is verified by the lab testing. Combined with the ability to easily remove the panels, and full view glass between rooms there is not a better solution available for your studio. Each Privacy Studio Door is made custom to fit your opening, there are no standard sizes because we understand that each project is unique. Simply complete your framed opening and we will provide a door that will fit every time.


Privacy Studio Doors

Benefits of Privacy Recording Studio Doors

  • STC values in the 60’s to complete your soundproofing design
  • Removable Panels, Lab Tested Frames, All Hardware Included
  • Easy Access Between Rooms- 72″ Door Provides 70″ Wide Access
  • Studio Doors are Made to Fit Your Opening(s) No Standard Sizes


Certified Lab Tests