01privacystudiowindowsOur minimum standards for studio soundproofing far exceed the goals for commercial or residential projects. In this regard, for studios,  the entire soundproofing system is dependent on the weakest link. Studio Windows must perform to the same STC values of the walls and the ceiling for your project to be a success. Without careful consideration of all the paths for sound to escape you may be spending money on portions of the system that will be limited by the weakest links.

Privacy Studio windows have been lab tested, with the frames included, to achieve STC Values in the 60’s. Even our fully operable windows perform to the same standard, while providing direct communication between two rooms. Years of engineering have produced a design that includes specially manufactured laminate glass, frames and seals that are not available anywhere else. Privacy Soundproof Studio Windows allow you to include maximum visibility and communication into your studio soundproofing design.

Privacy Studio Windows

Flexible Design Options

Privacy Studio Windows are manufactured to fit your specific opening. We understand all project have some unique details, and field alteration of windows opening will potentially reduce performance by 50 percent. You frame the opening first, provide us with the dimensions and we will provide windows that fit every time. This saves considerable time during the installation to keep you on schedule. Our studio design services include a two wall system; windows are provided in pairs, one in each wall to maximize performance.

Lab Tested Windows, Not just the Glass

While laminated glass is an industry standard for the construction of soundproof windows, publishing lab tests for complete windows is not. Without verified lab testing that includes the frame and the glass you cannot be assured of the performance shown on a piece of literature. Additionally, we performed testing for all window configurations in several different wall thicknesses, with different glass thickness as well.

Certified Acoustical Testing

Our testing was done at Western Acoustical Lab (WEAL). A brief example is below, the complete data can be found at the link below.


windows-transmission-chartSee complete testing results