atlanta-soundproofing-rast-interiorsMarch 1, 2012—Sound Isolation Company, a national distributor of soundproofing products, announces their first Authorized Installation Contractor, Ann Rast Interiors. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Ann Rast Interiors has completed many soundproofing projects in the Atlanta Metro Area using products from Sound Isolation Company since 2007. The Georgia metropolis can now access noise control products for commercial and residential markets on the new website

Rast Interiors - Soundproofing Atlanta Residential and Commercial

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Soundproofing Projects in Atlanta

Offering a complete package, Ann Rast Interiors evaluates, plans and executes soundproofing projects anywhere in the Atlanta area. “Ann has a complete understanding of the requirements for real soundproofing, and has been a really great partner with Sound Isolation Company for years. We have every confidence that she is the right choice for your noise control project,” says Jody Cook, President of Sound Isolation Company.

Georgia Soundproofing Materials

As Sound Isolation Company continues their distributor expansion in the US, adding an Authorized Installation Contractor like Soundproofing Atlanta is a move into the full service market for soundproofing materials. Growing in the face of a slow construction market shows that Sound Isolation Company will continue to dedicate their resources to expand the reach and services they offer.

About Rast Interiors

When thinking about drywall and soundproofing for a commercial or residential property, you want the job done right. You want a seamless job–literally and figuratively–from start to finish. Your end goal is to achieve an interior that looks fantastic and free from exterior noises. That means using an installer with the experience and knowledge to do a proper installation that’s made to last. It means using Rast Interiors. Originating from a family of companies that started in 1965, Rast Interiors provides the Atlanta area with the experience and flexibility to fit your requirements. Whatever your specifications or price range, they accommodate your situation. Their products and people are superior, and their references prove it. Simply put, Rast Interiors’ technicians have the qualifications to provide your space with the best possible residential and commercial drywall and soundproofing installation.