Soundproofing Materials Make Quiet Rooms

sleepychickSound Isolation Company is nationally recognized for our best of breed soundproofing products and solutions to solve complex noise reduction challenges. Our experienced team offers expert advice and education and will stand side-by-side with you to ensure you get exactly the right products for your project. We have a simple mantra: You deserve some peace and quiet! This is essential for your favorite room, be that a bedroom, a den or study or your kitchen.

Nothing ruins the serenity of your favorite room like noisy neighbors, outside traffic or the kids playing in the next room. Through our network of national soundproofing distributors our products are available for immediate pick-up or shipment directly to your job. With more than a decade of experience, we have assembled an outstanding selection of proven reliable soundproofing solutions and products. If you have questions, or need help determining which options best meet your specific application, please contact one of our experienced team members.

With Sound Isolation Company as your partner the sound proof process can be simple, quick and effective. We have the trust of developers, general contractors and homeowners nationwide to confirm our value as your soundproofing materials adviser. Our approach is to educate you about the trouble areas, provide options that will solve the problems, and then let you work out the details to meet your expectations.

Soundproofing walls to keep your space quiet can be easily accomplished with new or existing walls. If you are struggling with footstep noise from above we can provide soundproofing materials that will correct the issue. Soundproofing the floor above can be done before the fact, or we can help with soundproofing your current ceiling to get the same results. In many residential projects the windows are the weak link; we offer remarkable soundproof windows that will fit any existing opening.

Recording Studio and Home Theater soundproofing requires maximum performance soundproofing materials. We have collaborated with acoustical consultants and studio design professionals to soundproof basement Home Theaters and Home Studios, and have been involved in projects for major recording artists and nationally renowned Recording Studios. You will be working with the same experts on your soundproofing project.

In the residential soundproofing business we have completed projects in luxury homes, high rise condo buildings and gut renovations in NYC. The challenges presented in remodel construction soundproofing are unique to each project; we will dig into the details with you to find a solution that will work and meet the budget. The more challenging the project the better we are at providing leadership toward a luxury soundproofing solution.