Sound Isolation Company was please to provide soundproofing materials and expert noise control advise to Greatwaves Digital Media Inc. The construction of their Atlanta studios will help provide a relaxing and peaceful escape for their clients to preform in.

atlanta recording studio 01Among the many completed projects by Sound Isolation Company are the new studios for GreatWaves Digital Media Inc. Sound Isolation Company was asked to provide soundproofing materials and expert noise control design for their upgraded facilities. Now completed, GreatWaves Atlanta studios are available for Audio, Video and New Media collaboration.


SIC was involved early in the design process, this allowed us to completely understand the client’s goals, and to provide a comprehensive solution. Hamilton Alstatt with GreatWaves is very familiar with acoustics, and has completed studio design and construction before. For this project, his requirements were to find a competent provider of products, and most importantly, insight as to the correct implementation of same.

Among the products used were SIC Sound Isolation Clips with standard 7/8″ drywall furring channel (hat channel) to float walls and the ceiling. Not looking to settle for just “good studio walls”, Hamilton was looking to maximize the performance. Based on our experience we confidently suggested the addition of Green Glue with a second layer of 5/8″ drywall to increase sound isolation performance of the walls and ceiling. Finally, as with all soundproofing projects, the use of Green Glue Acoustical Sealant and Sealtight Putty Pads insured that there would be no short circuits in our system.

Hamilton’s comments reinforce our belief that there is more to business than just having something to sell. “The people at Sound Isolation Company provided me with a much more efficient, cost effective and installable solution than any of the other providers. They spelled out the construction process in great detail, complete with diagrams and measurements, and provided all the materials I needed. I am very satisfied with the results, and would highly recommend them.”

Hamilton Altstatt – Owner

greatWave digital media 

Phone: (864) 882-7851
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