ceilingsWe hear from customers that struggle with noise from their neighbors above very frequently.  Soundproofing your ceiling with the right products can provide significant noise reduction and restore your privacy. Common complaints are that footsteps above can be clearly heard, voices and TV noise sound like the neighbors are in the same room, or kids and pets are running around upstairs. Often the neighbors are on a different schedule than you are, staying up very late or getting up very early which disrupts your sleep.

Products like Green Glue Damping Compound or Mass Loaded Vinyl can provide very noticeable improvement in the reduction of airborne noises, but will not reduce footstep noise. The impact of shoes on the floor above creates vibration that will travel through everything that is connected; hard floor is nailed to the sub floor which is screwed to the floor joist and the ceiling below is screwed to the bottom of the same floor joist. All sound is vibration so footsteps are heard upstairs and downstairs at the same time via vibration. To successfully soundproof footstep noise we must break the connection between upstairs and downstairs; sound isolation clips are the simplest solution for creating this mechanical separation.

There are many different ceiling types in residential, commercial and office environments. For existing spaces, renovation projects or new construction the right solution is available from us. We have assembled the right products for each particular ceiling soundproofing challenges. Look below at the different types of ceilings and choose the one that fits your situation for more information.

QuietClip Soundproofing Ceiling Clip Soundproof Your Ceiling with Green Glue Soundproofing Ceiling Tiles Improve your Grid Ceiling Tile with SB Tile Backer

Sound Isolation Clips provide the ability to decouple ceilings, effectively breaking the connection between ceiling and floor

Adding Green Glue will increase the mass and damping performance of your ceiling to help eliminate impact and airborne noise.

Improve the noise control performance of your ceiling tiles by replacing them with our ultimate acoustic tiles.

You can improve your existing/new suspended ceiling with our Blocker Tiles or High NRC Tiles..

For the most challenging projects we can provide a custom designed system that includes several products to maximize the noise reduction from a Home Studio or Home Theater. These high intensity and very low frequency challenges will require the very best mechanical sound isolation and a combination of mass and sound damping. We can provide consulting and design services when the project requires a very high performing soundproofing system. We have completed projects for professional studios, elaborate home theater systems and home recording rooms. We regularly consult with music studio designers and engineers on project all over the US.