The highest performing damping compound on the market. Use between two sheets of drywall for excellent performance.

green glue tubes for soundproofingGreen Glue Noiseproofing Compound can be used to provide measurable soundproofing between any two spaces.  Green Glue is easily applied from tubes, between layers of drywall or plywood, to create a slightly flexible barrier that will absorb noise and prevent it from traveling through to the other side.  Green Glue is particularly effective at blocking low frequency noise, you can actually feel the vibration,  that regular drywall and insulation just can’t block effectively.

When you call us to discuss your project, we will gather some simple information from you to understand your current conditions.  It is very important to discuss potential leaks in the soundproofing system; electrical outlets, can lights and air vents can reduce results by as much as 80%. Next we will provide a plan to quickly and easily solve your noise problem, and make sure you have everything you need!

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Green Glue works effectively against any impact or airborne noise control problem. Green Glue will form a flexible, viscoelastic layer when used between two sheets of drywall or two sheets of plywood for floors. Green Glue can be used over any existing wall, floor or ceiling by simply adding another layer of whats already there and Green Glue between. No rolling, painting or troweling is necessary. Just open the tube and apply in a random pattern. With a fast and easy installation, anybody can soundproof a room with Green Glue.

bulk-green-glue-applicator-follower-plateBulk Green Glue and Applicator
Green Glue is available in 5 Gallon Pails. Each pail covers 365 sq.ft., or eleven sheets of 4′ x 8′ drywall. In the right project using Green Glue Pails can be the correct choice. We offer a re-loadable dispenser and follower plate that prevents waste and saves a bunch of time. Give us a call to see if Green Glue Pails are the right choice for you.

How Green Glue Works
Green Glue remains slightly flexible forever. When it is applied between two layers of hard material Green Glue spreads spreads out in uneven coverage and creates tiny air bubbles that break up sound waves when they try to vibrate through the two layers. The sound waves lose their energy, and some go away when they hit the layer of green glue; fewer sound waves means less noise on the other side.

Green Glue has been tested more than any other single soundproofing product in a variety of walls and floors. You can count on real reduction in sound levels between rooms  when Green Glue is used. Give us a call to compare standard construction methods that do not include Green Glue and those that do, in most cases we can show you a test to prove the fact that Green Glue works, every time!


Green Glue is a Soundproofing Revolution

Applying Green GlueSound Isolation Company is the largest distributor of Green Glue. Fast and easy to install, Green Glue is one of the most effective and affordable soundproofing products available.
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